overboard — concept for habit social network



Our daily lives consist of things we do over and over again. Without being aware of it we become what we repeatedly do and sometimes find ourselves spending time on things we don’t really care about.

overboard is a social network that gets users to check if all of their habits are worth keeping by putting daily activities on hold. Like-minded people can team up in their abstinence and motivate each other. The web and mobile app stays in the background so one can focus on more important activities. Are you aware of what truly matters to you?


overboard is a concept that was created by me – from initial strategy to conceptual wireframe. It included several disciplines like user research, strategy, UI/UX design for a prototype, and motion design. The idea was based on research of mine focusing on the rising trend of a lifestyle of voluntary simplicity.

Sustainable and responsible consumption has become a major topic in the last years. overboard is an approach to a more mindful daily life. I created a strategy to use social support as a way to achieve your goals and create better habits. Identification with a peer group can change people’s behavior and they’re more likely to commit to new habits.


The name overboard opens up the rich imagery of the sea. The nautical theme can be found in other details, such as icons or wording. At the end of the day overboard is a fun way to find value in everyday activities and raise self-awareness.


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