Layoutfabrik — print service meets design agency 


Layoutfabrik is the only German printing service that offers professional graphic design at no extra cost. After selecting desired print products, customers choose a time and date for their briefing call. An in-house design team then takes care of the layouts. I was responsible for the UX and UI of the whole experience.



To make sure customers are satisfied with their designed products, Layoutfabrik has to get the briefing absolutely right. The challenge here was to not overwhelm customers while also collecting all necessary information. We decided to shift everything in regards to the graphic design to after the actual sales process. Gathering data happens in an interview with the customer, reducing risks of unclear information and misunderstandings – it’s also less hassle for the customer. Reiterating on the whole service process led users to focus on shopping for products and having a greater experience. 


Paper is a very tangible product, so we choose to highlight that through digital mock-ups. Illustrations emphasize individual characteristics like recyclability or lightness.


Since Layoutfabrik offers such a wide variety of products, helping users find the desired item was one of our top priorities. Our solution was a range of icons that underlines product differences and sizes, so users could skim through lots of products in no time.


We wanted Layoutfabrik to feel like a design agency that just so happens to print as well. Someone that understands your needs and translates them into a professional business design. Our way of getting that feeling across was approachability. With interviews happening on the phone, the UI should convey this human touch as well. We came up with a chat-bot-style companion that answers relevant questions at every step in the sales process.

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