Interfaces are the connection between us and technology. I see my role as designer to make tech more human. It should be obvious how to use a product just by looking at the UI. While I also strive for beauty, a seamless user experience is my highest priority.

Layoutfabrik, a printing service plus design agency, asked me to develop a design strategy and UI/UX for their product. Apart from simplifying their whole service process, I created an interface that is inviting and engaging.

I developed the design for S-Invest, a portfolio app for Sparkasse, one of the biggest German banks. A major challenge was to keep functions simple, as usability tests showed that many users were overwhelmed by the sometimes complex finance world.


Midway helps users find a spot that lies halfway between them and their friends. The UI that I developed uses motion to guide users.

I created a new website for eparo as part of a rebranding for the user research agency. The team brings a scientific, but also spontaneous approach to UX. I expressed these core values visually in their brand and website, based on a visual grid system.


I was part of the team that created the design for the tech news portal CURVED. The UI is reduced as much as possible to let the content dominate.

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