In this digital era, a brand is the sum of customers’ experiences and not just a logo. When I work with companies to work on their brand, my approach is holistic. Shaping a personality through design language goes along with defining the core values and strengths of the product. Within these values, I look for something unique that I translate into key visuals.


The user research agency eparo asked me to develop a new brand for them after having worked together on several projects. Knowing their workflows, I was quickly able to pinpoint eparo’s uniqueness: A scientific approach to UX, but being human and spontaneous. I expressed these core values visually in their brand and created a brand framework that works online and offline.

I was part of the team that – next to UI/UX – created the brand for the tech news portal CURVED. The brand is designed to be engaging and plays with the data-based nature of the product. The code-inspired CURVED brackets ⊂ ⊃ are text-only CI elements, bringing an advantage to social media marketing and SEO.

I was responsible for guiding hyapur, a luxury cosmetic brand, into a new visual direction. hyapur stands for pure, scientific, and natural ingredients. I incorporated both the scientific, clean look into their new experience, while also introducing natural visuals that spark the soothing, relaxing effect of the products. We decided to move away from stereotypes of beauty marketing and instead build a design language based on subtle motion.

Henkel Qhesive Solutions is a sub-brand of Henkel, a DAX 30 consumer goods company. It was created to bring together data-enabled technologies and elevate Henkel’s existing products through technology. I was part of the team that created the initial brand design and concept.

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