I design digital products that excel in user experience. For a successful product, I always keep sight of what’s best for both user and business. I define goals and work towards them to achieve business objectives, never compromising on design quality. To reduce risks, I always make sure to have user research backing up design decisions. 


I developed the design for S-Invest, a portfolio app for Sparkasse, one of the biggest German banks. A major challenge was to keep functions simple, as usability tests showed that many users were overwhelmed by the sometimes complex finance world.

Reflector helps users solve conflicts through reflective communication, improving mental wellbeing. From strategy to a high-fidelity prototype, my UX process always focused on language interactions. Through text and voice recognition, keywords that suggest certain thinking patterns are identified and teach the user a different perspective on conflicts.


KYP uses software to analyze business processes and I was involved in the product design in the early days of the start-up. AI finds optimization and automation potential to boost productivity and growth. The goal for the UI was to visualize complex processes in an understandable way, but also give users power to deep dive into analyzing chunks of data.

As part of the team at Signal Iduna (one of Germany’s top insurance companies) that worked on the process of filing insurance claims online. We wanted to create a flow that takes the burden of claiming a file, making it as effortless as possible so customers have one less thing to worry about. The UX flow was tested regularly on users.


I was responsible for UI & UX of Layoutfabrik, a printing service that offers graphic design at no extra cost. The sales process is designed to be as fast as possible, interactively guiding customers through decisions that might be challenging to them.

I was part of the team that created the tech news portal CURVED. Upcoming topics and trends are detected by analyzing data in real-time. Based on this, an in-house editorial team with its own photo studio then delivers quality content of the hour.

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