When coming up with a design strategy I start by defining the problem. No concept is complete without proper research on the user, product, and brand.


Reflector is an app that helps users solve conflicts through better communication. It’s a tool that uses language at the core of its product. I designed the app based on existing research and ideas and used a high-fidelity prototype to explore the feasibility of the concept.

I created the concept for overboard, a habit social network. It was based on the rising trend of voluntary simplicity and a more mindful lifestyle, combined with the idea that it’s easier to change one's behavior in peer groups. From initial idea to prototypes to monetization model, I came up with the whole concept.

hyapur is a luxury cosmetic brand that stands for pure, scientific and natural ingredients. I came up with a brand strategy that incorporated the scientific look into their new experience, while also introducing natural visuals that spark the soothing effect of the products. We decided to move away from stereotypes of beauty marketing and instead build a design language based on subtle motion.

I conducted intensive research to smooth out the UX flow of an airline website. Through interviews, structuring data, and testing high-fidelity prototypes on users I was able to slim down the booking process and add features that users were missing.


Midway helps users find a spot that lies halfway between them and their friends. The idea for this app was to use motion to guide users through the app.

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