Going through the following stages I always keep an eye on the big picture:

Research and Strategy

Understanding users’ needs and behavior is crucial for a great experience. Therefore I deep dive into research for the target audience and competing market first to develop the project’s strategy.

Research-backed user flow improvements for airline website
UX and Concept

A smooth user experience is the holy grail of interface design. I believe that even the most complex challenges can be solved through design. Outlining core functions first, I gradually add features and complexity.

Concept for habit social network
UI and Design System

I search for uniqueness in a brand’s personality, which I translate into creative key visuals that stand out from competitors. Rather than following trends, good UI is shaped by a product’s function.

Scientific but human brand & design system for UX firm Print service meets design agency
Prototyping and Iteration

Design details make experiences memorable. Sometimes it’s an interactive prototype, sometimes animated micro-interactions that lead to a product feeling right.

High-fidelity prototype as proof of concept for self-reflection app Using motion to guide users through transportation app
Testing and Data

Design isn’t done once development begins. Usability testings and data analysis can verify design decisions. What’s left is an equally functional and beautiful experience, happy users and clients.

Data-based tech content for news platform